Practices for Welcoming Spring

As we move into spring we move into encouraging more warmth, front of the body opening and facilitating the flow of additional prana in the body.  Support the transition to spring with the addition of the following practices to your daily routine.

Here are five ideas for bringing spring into your practice:

1. Asana: If the weather allows go outside to your yard, garden or nearby park. Spend your ten minutes exploring asana in the outdoors. Some great poses are:

  • Tadasana: find mountain pose. Close your eyes and breathe deeply.  Feel your connection of the feet to the earth, feel the length of the spine. Imagine you could draw your breath through the soles of your feet to your crown.
  • Salambasana Sirasana: find headstand and reverse the flow of energy in the body.  Feel the beautiful release of putting your head on the earth.  As you practice, imagine all your thoughts melting out of your head and into the ground.

2. Pranayama: use your time to explore a pranayama. Breath exercises clear the nadis (energy channels in the body) to encourage proper energy flow.  Here are a few ideas

  • Nadi Shodhana: alternate nostril breathing. Calm the mind and balance the hemispheres of the brain. Bring the body in balance with the changes in the weather outside.
  • Kapalabhati: skull shining breath. Clear the mind and build heat in the body,

3. Yoga Nidra: help to restore the body. Often as we transition into spring, the weather gets us out of doors and moving faster than our bodies are actually ready to go. Use the practice of yoga nidra to help restore the body keeping the reserves of energy we need to support us long term. Join a class or download a guided yoga nidra to listen to at home.

4. Abhyanga: an Ayurvedic pratice of self-massage. A wonderful daily practice of massaging oil into the skin. Abhyanga not only helps to keep the skin hydrated, but also helps to stimulate the physical body and organs to help support you in overall wellness. For more information about abhyanga click here.

5. Neti Pot: daily neti is hugely effective in treating my seasonal allergies, but also in helping to prevent illness. The neti gently washes the sinus and nasal cavities, rinsing out germs and pollens that have built up in the nasal passages. The salt in the water also helps to reduce the inflammation and swelling in the tissues, helping to reduce the symptoms associated with allergies. It is a great preventative technique that can be done regularly and it can also be done in conjunction with the use of herbs or Western medicine and allergy medication.

The biggest challenge to the neti pot is finding the exact angle to use it comfortably. Here is a great video which will run neti pot rookies through the process. Click here to watch the video.

I hope all these practices are deeply beneficial and help support you in your transition to spring!