Pregnancy Rhinitis and Neti Pots

In Prenatal Yoga class the other day, it came up that one of the students was suffering from Pregnancy Rhinitis. Pregnancy Rhinitis is very similar to the stuffy nose and congestion experienced during allergy season, but is thought to be caused by the changes in hormones in the body. It is actually one of the more common complaints from women during their pregnancy.

The student was wary of taking decongestants of any kind and had resigned herself to suffering through the next 4 months of her pregnancy with terrible congestion. I encouraged her to try using a neti pot. I have used a neti pot for the past few years on almost a daily basis. Not only has it been hugely effective in treating my seasonal allergies but also in helping to prevent illness.  The neti gently washes the sinus and nasal cavities, rinsing out germs and other pathogens. The salt in the water also helps to reduce the inflammation and swelling in the tissues, helping to reduce the symptoms associated with Rhinitis.

This practice is highly effective for pregnant women who do not want to ingest any kind of medications and becomes a great daily practice to take into child rearing years when children expose their parents to many germs and viruses.

Personally I recommend a ceramic or steel neti pot as opposed to plastic and encourage students to use non-iodized sea salt (or purchase the neti washes they have available).

If you’re interested in exploring a neti pot for yourself you can generally purchase one at your local health food or herbal store or can order them on line.  For a video by the Himalayan Institute on how to use a neti pot please visit here.


Prenatal Yoga Class Playlists

Several of my Prenatal Yoga students have asked me about my yoga class playlists or about particular songs on during class. A student of mine mentioned today that she would like to have some of the songs for during her birth.

Music can be such a great way to reconnect with the body during the painful and frustrating aspects of labor and childbirth. Not to mention something to keep you occupied through the potential hours of waiting. I recommend having quite a few playlists that you can change depending on the mood and space you’re in: a relaxing mix, a sensual mix (my lovely Prenatal yoga instructor Anne Phyfe of 8 Limbs highly recommends setting a similar mood to the one the baby was conceived in in order to give birth) and of course a mix with a lot of rhythm to get you going and breathing!

Here’s a few of my most recent playlists. Look for more coming soon!

Gentle Mix: Playlist 1
Suni-Ai (Listening Meditation) by Snatam Kaur from Shanti
You Can See Forever by Desert Dwellers from Down Temple Dub: Flames
Hey Ma Durga (Compassion) by Sean Johnson and The Wild Lotus Band from Devaloka
Nomad by Niraj Chag from Jala: Compiled by Shiva Rea
Let Your Heart Be Known Remix by Steve Gold from Let Your Heart Be Known
Loveland by Jai Uttal & Ben Leinbeck from Loveland
Remembrance by Various Artists from Jala: Compiled by Shiva Rea

Flowing Mix: Playlist 2
Matriamah by Hans Christian from Slow Music for Yoga
Prana Shakti by Desert Dwellers from Down Temple Dub: Waves
Madrugada by Various Artists from Jala: Compiled by Shiva Rea
Raga Hansadhwani by Ustad Usman Khan from Mystic India
Violet Violin (feat. Joanna Laczman) by Wojtek Urbanski from Freshly Composted 3 – Compost 300
Breathe Me (Ulrich Schnauss Remix) by Sia from Colour the Small One
Comtine D’Un Autre Ete: L’a… from the Amelie Soundtrack
Baba Hanuman by Steve Gold from So Much Magnificence
Mahadeva by Jai Uttal & Ben Leinbach from Music For Yoga and Other Joys
Tidal by Auburn Lull from Alone I Admire
Shabda – The Purity II by Rainer Tillman from Shavasana: White Swan Yoga Masters, Volume 3
Let Your Heart Be Known by Steve Gold from So Much Magnificence

Traditional Mix: Playlist 3
Sacred Works of Liberation by Lama Gyurme from Rain of Blessings: Vajra Chants
Sacred Stones by Sheila Chandra from Weaving My Ancestors Voices
Solar Spirit by Asiatronic from Asana 2: Moving Meditations
Narayanaya by Nada Shakti & Bruce Becvar from from Jiva Mukti
Baba Hanuman by Shantala from Sri
Jiva Mukti by Nada Shakti & Bruce Becvar from Jiva Mukti
Isha Vasyam by Nada Shakti & Bruce Becvar from Jiva Mukti
Breathing In by Shaman’s Dream from Breathing: Music for Meditation, Relaxation
Shanti (Peace Out) by MC Yogi from Elephant Power