Chakra Imbalances

The ChakrasMuch of the work I do with clients is based around the chakras, the energy system of the body first described in ancient yogic texts. In this system, there are seven main energy centers in the body that govern different parts of the body and different energies in the body. As life circumstances arise that impact us negatively, our energetic system can also be impacted negatively. When the energetic system is out of balance, this can map to the physical body making us susceptible to injury and disease. Because many of us are unaware or just beginning to learn about our energetic system, it can be challenging to know if and when our energy is out of balance.

Here are some simple questions you can ask yourself to ascertain if a chakra may be in need of your attention. Remember, it can be easy to feel that all of these apply to you, but feel for which one or two resonate with you strongest. Whichever you find yourself answering with a resounding yes to, this will be the chakra for you to explore:

  • 1st Chakra: I have difficulty feeling stable in my life situation. I may feel that I am lacking in resources, safety or have difficulty feeling “at home” anywhere. Conversely, I may horde my resources or have very rigid boundaries.
  • 2nd Chakra: Expressing emotion is difficult for me. I feel stuck creatively and may have difficulty expressing myself sexually. Conversely, I have no boundaries with expressing my emotions and find I may overshare personal things that are up for me.
  • 3rd Chakra: I am quick to anger and may have an inflated perception of my own self worth. Digestion may be an issue for me. Conversely, I have little to no confidence in myself. I may feel week and lack direction.
  • 4th Chakra: It is difficult for me to express or receive love. I may have difficulty connecting with others. Conversely I may over give and exhaust myself helping others.
  • 5th Chakra: Communication is challenging for me, whether it is speaking my own truth or listening to what others are sharing with me.
  • 6th Chakra: I feel overloaded when I am around a lot of people and feel that I am too empathic. I may find myself constantly being pulled out reality and into daydreams. Conversely, I find it difficult to meditate or do visualization exercises.
  • 7th Chakra: I have difficulty feeling connection to others on a broader scope. I may feel as though I am not like anyone else. Conversely, I may be so connected spiritually that I am unable to engage in day-to-day activities.

Did you find a chakra that was out of balance? Scroll back through my blog for yoga practices that will help you address these imbalances and bring more balance to the system.