Kali: Goddess of Re-Birth: Destruction as a Birthing Process

KaliI’ve been continuing on my journey of Sally Kempton’s book Awakening Shakti. This past month saw my exploration of the next chapter of the book, the goddess Kali. Kali is an intimidating figure in hindu mythology. She is often depicted with a ring of skulls around her neck, her tongue dripping blood. A force to be reckoned with, she offers us the opportunity of destruction of old ways of being, thinking and outdated modes of behavior that no longer serve us. She is often known as a destroyer, but her destruction is akin to the energy of childbirth. When she destroys things, it is through their death that the new can be born.

I will readily admit that work with Kali is intense. As soon as I began chanting to her, behavior patterns that had lay dormant in my life began to rise up, ready to be faced head on and dealt with. While uncomfortable, her strong motherly insistence invited me to look at things in my life that were no longer serving me and that I was more than ready to let go of. Below is the chant Sally offers as a way to work with Kali’s energy. Ready to cleanse? Ready to let go? Start chanting:

Aum aim hrim klim chamundaye viche svaha
ohm aim hreem kleem chah-mun-dah-yey vich-ey swah-hah

Aum: the primordial sound
Aim: the seed of wisdom
Hrim: creative manifestation
Klim: transformative power
Chamundaye: a name for Kali as the destroyer of the “demons” of ignorance and duality
Viche: cut (as in cutting the bonds of ignorance and ego)
Svaha: the mantra that signifies offering