Mars Retrograde: An Energy Practice to Sustain You

So if your experience has been anything like mine, it might have felt like the last month and a half you were trying to tread water in glue, Mars Retrograde is like that. Mars is the ruler of action, of forward movement, he’s the god of war and so he gets things done. There’s no half doing anything with Mars. So, when the planet goes retrograde and that energy is reversed we can be left feeling very stuck. Our ability to make change and to take action gets muddled and difficult.

Since the energy of the retrograde is putting a halt to much of our forward momentum, we have the opportunity to pause and reflect and re-asses how and why we are moving toward goals in our lives.  The retrograde began on March 1st and ends on May 19th. As we move through the last days of this retrograde cycle we may find that we are feeling really drained. Use this energetic practice to help enliven your energy and prepare you for Mars moving direct on the 19th when things will pick up and swing into “full steam ahead”!
earth&skyConnect with the energy at the heart center. Take several breaths into the heart and visualize it as a glowing orb of light. Start to run the from the heart down the sushumna nadi (the central channel of energy along the spine) toward the seat. Visualize each of the chakras as you run the energy down, see the 3rd, 2nd and 1st. Then send energy from the 1st chakra down through the seat and into the floor.

Visualize a root system descending from your seat and down into the earth. Run the energy down into the earth for several minutes and then start to pull it back up. As you pull it back and into the body through the seat and back toward the heart. Visualize each of the chakras, 1st, 2nd and 3rd and the energy running up from the earth back into those chakras. See them filled with light as the energy from the earth rises back up. See the energy then filling the heart and circulating around the heart center. 

Then start to pull energy up the sushumna nadi from the heart to the crown. Visualize the 5th, 6th and 7th chakras as the energy rises and then see the energy leave the crown and travel up into the sky, connect with a celestial body of your choice (sun, moon, stars, planets). Connect the cord into that body and breathe into it for several minutes. 

Then pull the energy down from the sky, through the crown and into the body. Visualize each of the chakras lighting up as the energy travels down the spine. See the 7th, 6th and 5th chakras. Pull the energy back into the heart. Sit for several minutes circulating the energy around the heart center and then play with circulating it out to the crown and the seat and then pulling it back into the heart.