As we approached the Spring Equinox, my yoga classes had a focus on letting go, releasing what no longer served and surrendering into what is. This can be an easy process at times, and other times one of the most difficult things we’ve ever been asked to do.  Yet, even in these most difficult moments, we rarely are letting go of things that are that big–they just seem large at that time while our ego is wrapped up in dealing with its attachment to it.

Every once in a while those things are big. I listened to Radiolab Podcast last night (one of my favorite radio programs) that was a short offering prose by Mark Doty who chronicled the loss of his life partner. As I walked home, listening to the podcast, I found myself in tears…probably much to the surprise of passersby. Not only is his story truly moving, but his willingness to let go into the reality of the situation is so inspiring and his ability to love and share love is truly moving.

If you have ten minuets, I highly recommend a listen. I hope it inspires you to let the things in your life that are ready to die, be released with love, so that the things that are ready to live have space to live!

Happy Equinox!